Trent Valley Training endeavours to provide training of a very high standard that is sourced and delivered by professionals, however we do acknowledge that occasionally complaints will occur and that it is the right of any candidate who has undertaken training to challenge the outcomes of their training if they consider that it has not been carried out correctly or that the conduct of the trainer is questionable.

Our aim is to ensure that complaints or appeals regarding training will be treated in a fair and transparent manner.

If you are dissatisfied with the performance of the Trainer or you wish to appeal against any decision made by the Trainer then:

  • In the first instance, please attempt to resolve any issue with the relevant party during or immediately after the training is undertaken.
  • If you remain dissatisfied, then make contact with your Training Officer who will attempt to resolve the issue on your behalf:
  • If your complaint is regarding conduct then please ensure that your complaint is made in writing and send to:
    Townend Farm
    NG22 0SY
  • You can request a full copy of the Trent Valley Training’s Complaints and Appeals procedure by contacting your Training Officer: Mary Noble or by looking on Trent Valley Training’s website.
  • If you remain dissatisfied following the outcome of the Training Officer then your complaint must be made in writing and sent to:
    Townend Farm
    NG22 0SY

Reviewed on 11th October 2018



This procedure explains how complaints and Appeals are processed and how the associated responsibilities are allocated.

Policy Statement:

It is Trent Valley Training’s policy that complaints or appeals regarding training decisions will be treated fairly and openly.

Trent Valley Training acknowledges the right of any candidate who has undertaken training to challenge the outcomes of their training if they consider that it has not been carried out correctly.

Sources and circumstances of Complaints or Appeals:

The possible sources and circumstances of complaints and appeals are listed below

Trainers relating to Quality Assurance or administrative issues.
Candidates or their employers
Relating to quality assurance issues
Relating to the conduct of the training
Relating to the suitability of the evidence when set against the required standards and evidence requirements
Relating to the availability of adequate training opportunities in which to show competence and to equal opportunities and access issues

Trent Valley Training will make all candidates aware of their right to complain or appeal against decisions made by the Trainer or to raise a complaint about aspects of performance at Trent Valley Training

The Complaints and Appeals Notification Form will be available to all candidates upon request.

Trent Valley Training will aim to resolve all complaints and appeals within house initially in accordance with this policy.

Only written complaints and appeals will be processed in accordance with this procedure.  The candidate will be supplied with the complaints and appeals notification form and asked to return this to Trent Valley Training as soon as possible.

Trent Valley Training, if necessary, will within 15 working days of receipt, appoint an appropriate Investigating Officer.

Trent Valley Training will pay the cost of the Investigating Officer should the complaint be upheld, otherwise the plaintiff will be responsible for the costs.

Trent Valley Training will contact the plaintiff with the result and where necessary is responsible for negotiating resolution of complaints and appeals with the plaintiff.


Written complaints and appeals are always acknowledged to the plaintiff without any prior judgement being made as to who may be in the wrong, and advised to the trainer and any other interested parties as relevant.

Having first consulted any other interested/involved parties, Trent Valley Training will seek such further clarification from the plaintiff as may be necessary to proceed.

The trainer or other party against whom the complaint or appeal has been made is notified of the fact in writing and requested to respond in writing with their views so that judgement can be made.

The outcome of any action to be taken is advised to the Trainer and any other involved party and agreed before further contact is made with the plaintiff.

If necessary, a suitable person may be appointed by Trent Valley Training (within 15 working days of receipt of the complaint or appeal) to investigate the issue and if necessary to produce a detailed written report and return to Trent Valley Training within 15 working days of appointment (30 working days of receipt of the complaint or appeal).

The Investigating Officer is likely to be a qualified Trainer operating to awarding body standards, ie a Verifier.

Once the report has been received by Trent Valley Training, the decision will be sent in writing to the plaintiff within 55 working days of the original complaint or appeal being received by Trent Valley Training.

Retention of records:

All relevant records are retained in the complaints and appeals file for no less than five years from the date the dispute was received.